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Current Research Area

Wireless power transmission

Flexible wireless power/data transmission

Closed magnetic circuit structure
  • Formation of magnetic core on the middle and outer part of induction coil
    → Minimization of magnetic flux outflow
    → Maximization of power transmission efficiency
Fabrication & Result

Inductive power transmission with misalignment detection

Misalignment detection
  • Misalignment distance of two induction coil increase
    → Impedance between two coils(trans-impedance) increase
  • Trans-impedance change
    → Current changes of feedback coil on the backside of primary coil
  • Misalignment detection could be conducted through current of feedback coil measurement
Fabrication & Result

A wireless and simultaneous Transmission Method for Both Power and Data

Research background
  • Many implantable medical devices have some problem such as power supply and biological signal processing
    → Simultaneous transmission for both power and data
Experimental results

Energy harvesting

Energy harvesting

  • The process by which electric energy is derived for Physical stress
  • Using the polymer based thin film
    → Excellent flexibility
    → Large area energy harvesting

Optimization of PVDF design

Experiment & Result

Self frequency tunable energy harvester

  • Horizontal force of primary cantilever > secondary: mod1
  • Horizontal force of primary cantilever < secondary: mod2

Experimental Results

  • The operating phase was shifted in real time as the change of excited frequency
  • The harvester operated at phase1 until the excited frequency increased to 35Hz
  • At 35Hz, the operating phase was shifted to phase2 in several seconds
  • The phase was returned to phase1 at 32Hz as the excited frequency decrease

Smart clothing

Flexible sensor module for future solder system

Purposes of future solder system
  • Protection of soldiers
  • Improved effectiveness
  • Network centric operations

Flexible sensor network for future soldier system

Hybrid jetting system

Hybrid jetting system

Objective (EHD + Pezo printing method)
  • Fast ejection frequency : control the meniscus by piezo actuator.
  • Ultra-fine droplet : electrostatic filed is applied by ring shape extractor.
  • Control of meniscus by piezoelectric actuator and the realization of drop on demand are possible
  • Existence of the delay time (under 60𝝁s)
  • Good stability of jetting by low voltage(30V) actuator
  • Fast frequency ejection by optimization of driving waveform, initial meniscus position, and high voltage

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